Custom Fonts in PowerApps: Google Font loader

Remember my previous post about loading Custom fonts using SVGs in PowerApps? Well you are in for a treat. The recent addition of PowerApps component framework ( PCF in short ) for Canvas Apps has opened a window of possibilities for app makers. Now we are able to mix no-code solutions with the power of code components, as a result, we have the power to break any barriers that stood in our solutions. An example of these new features is the evolution of PowerFont. This App has evolved into an empowered PCF component which now allows you to: Load any Google Fonts into your App while giving you the ability...

SharePoint List PowerApps Discovery

SharePoint List PowerApps are Canvas PowerApps but embedded into a SharePoint List. They are a powerful way to extend the out-of-the-box list forms into a full blown PowerApp. These types of PowerApps can be edited from the list they’re embedded on by clicking on Customize forms: But what if you have several of these PowerApps distributed in many lists though your organization? The first thing that comes to mind is to go to the PowerApps portal: Well, no luck over here… So where can we find our apps? Option #1: Cmdlets to the rescue Using the recently released PowerApps PowerShell Cmdlets ( blog here and docs here ) you could...

Microsoft Flow: Avoiding the SharePoint list update trigger infinite loop

Microsoft Flow is an impressive tool that enables us to perform different tasks to solve our business needs. These tasks get executed by responding to several triggers depending on the selected service / connector.

For example, when working with SharePoint lists, we could trigger a Flow on the items when they are created or modified. This is great for all kinds of workflows but there is a specific case which could get you into an infinite loop.

Beyond PowerTwitter: Welcome CDS and Alexa integrations at Dynamics 365 Saturday Madrid


PowerApps is an ever-evolving platform that is adding features almost weekly. This allow us to improve our applications to add more value and functionality that wasn't available at first.

PowerTwitter serves us another time as an example of how an application can rapidly evolve to add more needed features. The occasion, the Dynamics 365 Saturday Madrid 2019.

Virtual Camp Apr’19


After 3 fantastic days, Virtual Camp Apr'19 has finished. An event with many high level speakers and a great diversity of topics. From Intelequia we feel very proud to have been part of it.

On this occasion, I had the opportunity to share the talk with Abe Santana and Mario Trueba about my favorite topic: PowerApps.

PowerVault: Manage your Azure Key Vaults from PowerApps

The Azure Key Vault service is perfect for saving all kinds of information in a secure manner: authentication keys to connect to a database server, SSL certificate files, and of course, passwords... or as Azure Key Vault names them, secrets.

Recently, Microsoft released a connector to use this service (still in preview) so building a PowerApp to manage these secrets is a match made in heaven

Using custom fonts in PowerApps

When using PowerApps, we get a fair amount of settings to change our text controls but sometimes, we need that little extra touch. One of those options is the font family. We get 14 font styles that are suitable for most design ideas. We might get more in the future but now, I’m going to show you how to include any desired font that might be required for any of your projects. Also check: Google Font loader PowerApps component framework First approach, the HTML control The first idea that you might have tried is to use the powerful HTML control that is included in PowerApps. This control lets you format...

Tired of small dialogs in Dynamics 365 CRM? Try this fix

These days we are used to work with big resolutions. With all this real state, why do we settle with these small dialogs in Dynamics 365 Wouldn’t it be nice to seize all this windows space, specially for lookup dialogs? Recently, a customer approached us regarding this issue… it was really difficult for them to search for contacts when creating marketing lists by using this small dialogs. So, by using an out-of-the-box approach, as one of my colleagues calls it, we installed a browser extension which allows you to change the styling of a webpage, including the resize of dialogs and pop-ups. This open source extension is called Stylus. It’s...

Beyond PowerTwitter: Updating Collections using Regular Expressions in PowerApps

Ahhh Regular Expressions… that thing that keeps you returning to Stack Overflow for answers every time you need to use this language: Even so, this language is extremely helpful when you need a more powerful way to deal with string data. Recently, PowerApps got an update to add more features to it’s regular expression functions. We now have to two more functions in our ever growing arsenal: Match and MatchAll. As the name implies, these functions serve mainly to find matches for a given regular expression formula. Match finds the first piece that meets the requirements and MatchAll gives us a table of records of all the matches. This is...