SharePoint List Power Apps Discovery

SharePoint List Power Apps are Canvas Power Apps but embedded into a SharePoint List. They are a powerful way to extend the out-of-the-box list forms into a full blown Power App.

These types of Power Apps can be edited from the list they’re embedded on by clicking on Customize forms:

But what if you have several of these Power Apps distributed in many lists though your organization? The first thing that comes to mind is to go to the Power Apps portal:

Where are my embedded Power Apps?

Well, no luck over here… So where can we find our apps?

Option #1: Cmdlets to the rescue

Using the recently released Power Apps PowerShell Cmdlets ( blog here and docs here ) you could get a list of embedded Power Apps. Keep in mind that you need to use the Administrator module because the regular one will show you the same list as the Power Apps portal.

Using this code you will get the embedded apps:

Add-Power AppsAccount

Get-AdminPower App | ForEach-Object { if ($_.Internal.Properties.embeddedApp -ne $null) { "$($_.DisplayName) - $($_.AppName)" } }

Option #2: Power Apps admin center

Go to the admin center, select the environment where your Power Apps are hosted and then go to the Resources tab:



these comdlets are now working 🙂

When creating this post I was able to find some ancient SharePoint List Power Apps lurking around my tenant. I’ve tried to delete those by viewing the options from the admin center but there was none which could let me delete them. Then I tried to delete those by using the Cmdlets.

Get-AdminPower App | ForEach-Object { if ($_.DisplayName -match 'Ansina') { Remove-AdminPower App -EnvironmentName $ -AppName $_.AppName } }

This should work right? Nope 😥 the command greeted me with and unknown error: Conflict. So far I haven’t been able to delete those apps.

Those apps belonged to a deleted site collection ( I’ve also tried to empty the SP recycle bin ). Other methods I’ve tried:

Building the details link to get to the Power App delete button in the toolbar<environment-guid>/apps/<AppId>/details

for some apps it returned to the main Power Apps portal, for others, the delete button was disabled.

Delete the app through regular PowerShell Cmdlets

Remove-Power App <AppId>

but it returned the same Conflict error.

The only thing that works

When in need, delete your Power Apps from the list itself. This is the only method that successfully deletes them: Open List settings, then Form Settings and select “Use the default SharePoint form” and then delete the Power App.

Well, I won’t put this to rest. I’ll keep trying to delete these corpses from my tenant.

Got any ideas? please do share in comments 🙂

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