PowerVault: Manage your Azure Key Vaults from Power Apps

The Azure Key Vault service is perfect for saving all kinds of information in a secure manner: authentication keys to connect to a database server, SSL certificate files, and of course, passwords... or as Azure Key Vault names them, secrets.

Recently, Microsoft released a connector to use this service (still in preview) so building a Power App to manage these secrets is a match made in heaven

Query and transfer data between Azure SQL databases

In the DevOps world, there are some situations where you need to have a way to transfer data from different Azure SQL databases.  For example, let’s say you have a client who inadvertently deleted a huge amount of records from a table in the production database. With the help of the Point in Time backups, we could restore the database to an earlier point in time in which those records still exists. This process will create a new database with the restored contents and then we could swap names between these databases by renaming them. However, there is a caveat of performing this action. The restored database will lose all the...