PowerVault: Manage your Azure Key Vaults from PowerApps

The Azure Key Vault service is perfect for saving all kinds of information in a secure manner: authentication keys to connect to a database server, SSL certificate files, and of course, passwords... or as Azure Key Vault names them, secrets.

Recently, Microsoft released a connector to use this service (still in preview) so building a PowerApp to manage these secrets is a match made in heaven

Query and transfer data between Azure SQL databases

In the DevOps world, there are some situations where you need to have a way to transfer data from different Azure SQL databases.  For example, let’s say you have a client who inadvertently deleted a huge amount of records from a table in the production database. With the help of the¬†Point in Time backups, we could restore the database to an earlier point in time in which those records still exists. This process will create a new database with the restored contents and then we could swap names between these databases by renaming them. However, there is a caveat of performing this action. The restored database will lose all the...